Barley Rice recipes

Dampness Decoction

Five-finger Hair Peach, Lotus Seed, Barley Rice

Sweet Soup

Adzuki Beans, Peanut, Barley Rice

Eight Treasure Rice

Glutinous Rice, Rice, Pinto Beans

Winter Melon Corn Pork Ribs Soup

Pork Bone, Corn, Winter Melon

Rice Cooker Nourishing Stomach Lotus Seed Pork Belly Soup

Fresh Pork Belly, Crushed White Pepper, Ginger

Red Bean and Barley Dampness Soup

Red Bean, Barley Rice, Red Rice

Laba Congee

Glutinous Rice, Brown Rice, Barley Kernels

Blood Glutinous Rice Porridge

Black Glutinous Rice, Red Dates, Barley Rice

Laba Congee

Horn Bean, Peanuts, Soy

I Like Laba Congee with Many Ingredients, So How about You

Fragrant Rice, Black Fragrant Rice, Red Dates

Children's Nutrition Porridge (prince Edward Porridge)

Fragrant Rice, Black Rice, Green Beans

Yam Coix Seed Health Congee

Yam, Barley Rice, Wolfberry

Laba Congee-rosemary

Rice, Millet, Glutinous Rice