Tang Bao

Tang Bao

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I remember that when I went to Shanghai with my parents twelve years ago, I especially came to a steamed bun shop in Chenghuang Temple that specializes in making soup dumplings to taste the famous "crab yellow dumplings." The straws are convenient for customers to use to suck soup. The buns are not too big, but they are unique in appearance and delicious in soup. But the price is not cheap, 18 yuan a piece, the price of ordinary buns was 1 yuan 2 pieces at that time. After eating, the parents gave the evaluation: "The soup is really fresh, but it is outrageously expensive haha". After so many years, Shishang has also slowly learned to make noodles. Based on the taste in memory, he made two times for his parents to taste. Mom said that the taste is better than that of Chenghuang Temple. (*^__^*) But this appearance It's really hard to get it! I can’t help it~ I’m clumsy, don’t pinch it to look beautiful, don’t throw bricks, you guys~ I’m working hard~~~


Tang Bao

1. Add flour with a little salt, appropriate amount of water, stir into a snowflake shape, knead into a smooth dough, cover with plastic wrap and let it leave for about 30 minutes. Use a larger bowl to hold the minced pork, so that there is enough room for stirring in the next step. Take out the broth ( You can also use your own thick soup) Prepare ginger and shallots.

Tang Bao recipe

2. Peel the ginger and green onions separately, chop them, put them in the filling, add salt, pepper, starch, sesame oil, stir for a while, then pour in the clear seafood broth, continue stirring until the soup is completely absorbed by the minced meat.

Tang Bao recipe

3. The stirred fillings are allowed to stand for a while, and then the dough is rolled. The dough is divided into a number of equal-sized doughs, rolled out as thin as a dumpling shell, put in the fillings, wrapped, and pinched tightly to seal.

Tang Bao recipe

4. Put a clean damp cloth on the steamer, place the buns neatly on top, cover the pot, and steam for 15 minutes over high heat.

Tang Bao recipe


When stirring the meat filling, stir in a circular motion in one direction so that the meat filling will absorb more soup. The broth can also be made by yourself, boiled into concentrated bone broth or seafood broth. After filtering impurities, put it in the refrigerator and freeze it, and just take it out before use and thaw it.


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