by Good Baolulu

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Taro balls, a dessert made of sweet potatoes or taro and tapioca flour, Q-bomb smooth, with yogurt, low-fat, healthy, and richer taste. It can be eaten in the refrigerator and taste better in summer.



1. Wash and peel the sweet potatoes and cut into pieces;

Taro recipe

2. Put it in a steamer and steam it (I steamed it for 20 minutes, and it can be steamed according to the size);

Taro recipe

3. Put the steamed sweet potatoes into the bread bucket and pour the tapioca flour;
There is no bread machine to mash the sweet potatoes and pour the tapioca flour;

Taro recipe

4. Start the "kneading" program and knead it into a smooth dough;

Taro recipe

5. Knead into long strips with a diameter of about 1.5CM (the dough is too large and can be rolled into long strips in batches);

Taro recipe

6. Cut into small pieces about 1-1.5CM;

Taro recipe

7. Do everything one by one;

Taro recipe

8. Cooked:
Add water to the pot to boil, add the taro balls, cook until they float and cook for 2 to 3 minutes (stir frequently after putting them in to prevent sticking to the bottom of the pot);

Taro recipe

9. Take out the cooked taro balls and immediately put them in a container of cold water to soak until they are cool (to make the taste more elastic);

Taro recipe


You can use taro and purple potato instead of sweet potato;
If the purple sweet potato is dry, add proper amount of water;


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