Taro Bread Slices

Taro Bread Slices

by Sago Fiona

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The toast was left for two days, and when it was eaten again, it didn't feel so soft anymore. Thinking of making some West Toast for breakfast. I looked in the refrigerator and found that there was no ham, no bacon, and no cheese. What should I do? Look at the lypo taro I bought that day. Otherwise, make some taro filling instead of ham and cheese. In fact, I didn't know if it was delicious at first. But because it is a taro control, I feel that even if it is not delicious, I will finish it. Think of it as consuming ingredients.
Almost while doing it, thinking about what to put in to make it more delicious, the butter, milk, and butter that are always available in the refrigerator are used to fry the steamed taro puree. The right amount of milk makes it smoother. Then add appropriate amount of sugar according to taste. What I want to say is that I'm already frying and eating before it's out of the pot. Can't stop. too delicious. Spread toast slices, wrap in egg mixture, and fry on low heat. Eat it while it's hot, it's called a fragrant. The child said this is also a sandwich. He doesn't like taro, but he loves this method of treatment.


Taro Bread Slices

1. Prepare the ingredients

Taro Bread Slices recipe

2. Taro, peeled and cut into pieces, steamed in a pot

Taro Bread Slices recipe

3. The steamed taro is pureed with a spoon.

Taro Bread Slices recipe

4. Wok, add butter to melt

Taro Bread Slices recipe

5. Pour the taro paste, add milk, sugar, and stir-fry until the sugar melts and the milk is absorbed.

Taro Bread Slices recipe

6. Take out the toast slices, cut off four sides, and use a knife to spread the taro paste on each slice of toast. The two pieces are stacked together.

Taro Bread Slices recipe

7. Beat the eggs evenly

Taro Bread Slices recipe

8. Wrap the toast with a layer of egg mixture, and fry a little oil in a frying pan.

Taro Bread Slices recipe


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