Tea-flavored Beef

Tea-flavored Beef

by Sesame Eater

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Different types of tea with different ingredients will combine unexpected flavors. The combination of the aroma of oolong tea and beef will definitely make you experience a different taste.


Tea-flavored Beef

1. Rinse the beef with clean water.

Tea-flavored Beef recipe

2. Put the beef in cold water and turn on a small fire.

Tea-flavored Beef recipe

3. A lot of foam will float before the water boils.

Tea-flavored Beef recipe

4. After the water boils, scoop out the foam with a large spoon.

Tea-flavored Beef recipe

5. After removing all white foam, change to medium heat.

Tea-flavored Beef recipe

6. Prepare the seasoning used.

Tea-flavored Beef recipe

7. Spices, green onions, and ginger are reserved.

Tea-flavored Beef recipe

8. Put the green onion, ginger, and spices into the pot and change the heat to high.

Tea-flavored Beef recipe

9. Dilute the dried yellow sauce with water.

Tea-flavored Beef recipe

10. Pour the diluted dry yellow sauce and all seasonings into the pot.

Tea-flavored Beef recipe

11. Cover the pot and cook on medium heat for 20 minutes, then change to low heat and simmer.

Tea-flavored Beef recipe

12. During the simmering time, a chopstick can be placed on the side of the pot to prevent the broth from overflowing.

Tea-flavored Beef recipe

13. After 2 hours, pierce the beef thoroughly with chopsticks to turn off the heat.

Tea-flavored Beef recipe

14. Sprinkle oolong tea in the stewed beef, use the temperature of the pot to fuse the tea aroma with the beef and steep for more than 12 hours. The delicious tea-flavored beef is finished.

Tea-flavored Beef recipe


1. In the process of beef stewing, pay attention to firepower at all times.
2. I chose Tieguanyin, which can also be substituted for other oolong teas.
3. All spices are sold in the market.


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