Thai Style Raw Shrimp Sashimi

Thai Style Raw Shrimp Sashimi

by Purple Ayara

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Living in Thailand for a few years, I am deeply attracted by the simplicity and enthusiasm of this tropical country, always smiling people, bright and bright clothes, abundant fruits, high-quality and cheap seafood, and various street foods that challenge people’s taste buds. , A coveted dessert...Even if you only visit Thailand once, I think everyone will miss it from time to time.
There are often some very emotional small restaurants on the riverside in Thailand. The river breeze is blowing, drinking a drink mixed with ice before the food is served, watching the old-fashioned cruise ship slowly swaying by the river, occasionally Some coconuts dropped from the coconut trees by the river floated up and down in the waves, or clusters of green water hyacinths blooming with beautiful purple flower clusters also took the opportunity to sway in front of people. Then drift away. I like to take a tuk-tuk to the river in the twilight, watching the sunset slowly fade away in the microwave rippling of the river, like silk satin that has been rinsed away by the water, until the lights are on, the water is sprinkled with dots, but There are faintly flickering lights. On the other side of the river is the large public hospital in the palace built by the king. On the side close to the living quarters, there are seven or eight small restaurants of different styles densely distributed along the bridge by the bridge. Some of them will be after 7 o'clock in the evening. There are also performances by local bands, and the lively music will spread far away along the river melodiously.
Of course, the temptation of food is no less than the beautiful scenery. Every time I go to dine with friends or alone, besides Tom Yum Goong soup and green papaya salad, I must order Thai shrimp sashimi. That was my first time. Just after the meal, I ordered a dish that I took back to my residence. The fresh raw prawns are cooked in Thai style, and the meat is firm and elastic. With a variety of fresh sauces, the stimulation to the taste buds is not just a little bit. As a girl who loves food, she can figure out the general method of it if she eats too much. In addition, she later went to a private kitchen in Bangkok to study for several months, and she thought she knew the essentials of this dish well, so After returning to China, I took advantage of the favorable conditions to bravely try, and sure enough, I made the authentic Thai taste and shared it with more friends who like Southeast Asian cuisine.


Thai Style Raw Shrimp Sashimi

1. Prepare the main ingredients needed and the salt pan for serving;

Thai Style Raw Shrimp Sashimi recipe

2. Remove the shell of the live shrimp and the intestine paste of the shrimp;

Thai Style Raw Shrimp Sashimi recipe

3. Slash gently along the back, do not cut through, leaving the head and tail;

Thai Style Raw Shrimp Sashimi recipe

4. After drying the water with kitchen paper, put the raw pickle and green onion ginger in the refrigerator to marinate for 10 minutes;

Thai Style Raw Shrimp Sashimi recipe

5. Take advantage of this time to make the sauce, mix the sugar and fish sauce evenly, mince Thai pepper, mint, and garlic and mix well;

Thai Style Raw Shrimp Sashimi recipe

6. Take out the marinated shrimp and place the sliced lemon slices on the salt pan;

Thai Style Raw Shrimp Sashimi recipe

7. Then pile up prawns;

Thai Style Raw Shrimp Sashimi recipe

8. Carefully pour the sauce on the shrimp body evenly, then squeeze some lemon juice on it~

Thai Style Raw Shrimp Sashimi recipe


1. Shrimp must choose live shrimp, dead shrimp or stale frozen shrimp are not suitable for eating raw, they have a bad taste, and may have a negative impact on the body;
2. The marinade must use Thai-style raw marinade, instead of cooking wine, etc.~


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