The Making of Whole Egg Big Toast

The Making of Whole Egg Big Toast

by Aunt Xizhen

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I have always wanted to make a big toast with whole eggs.
Full of egg liquid, the yellow-orange-orange toast must be very enjoyable.
But because the egg liquid is too much, the dough will be sticky, so I just put it aside.
I finally put this idea into practice a few days ago, but it was delayed because of feeding Erbao midway.
The whole egg toast that came out at the end was a bit of a failure because the top was a little mushy.
In the final analysis, I have ignored the explosive power that eggs bring to the organization, and actually grow so much taller.
When I went to the inspection slowly, I found that the heating tube that had been pushed up to the top became a big muddle.
Making bread really requires meticulous inspection at any time.
When you do it, pay attention, or you will make the same mistake as me.


The Making of Whole Egg Big Toast

1. Carve three eggs into a basin and mix well.
Then add all the liquid ingredients first, and then add the dry ingredients (the black sesame seeds are not added first).
Let's start kneading the noodles. I knead it with a chef's machine.
The materials will be mixed in less than a minute.

The Making of Whole Egg Big Toast recipe

2. Continue to knead the dough, stop when it becomes a dough, and check the state of the dough.
At this time, there are tendons, but they are not tough enough, and they break after a little pull, and the edges of the holes are also jagged, so continue to knead the dough.
Knead for about another seven or eight minutes, and the dough will be very elastic. Check it at this time, and the glove film as thin as a cicada's wings appears.
At this time, pour in black sesame seeds and knead it with the dough.

The Making of Whole Egg Big Toast recipe

3. This is the kneaded dough, which is already very elastic. Put it in a warm place for basic fermentation. It will take about two hours or more, because the dough of the whole egg liquid will ferment slowly. .
Just send it to twice the original size.
Take out the dough and press to exhaust, let it stand for 15 minutes before dividing.
Divide equally into three rounds and continue to stand for 15 minutes. Let it stand so that it will not retract when it will roll out.

The Making of Whole Egg Big Toast recipe

4. Take a set dough and roll it into a beef tongue shape with a slightly thin bottom edge.
Roll up from top to bottom with the seal facing down.
After the three doughs are rolled, put them in the toast box, and then carry out the second fermentation. I always put it in the oven and turn on the fermentation button, and then put a bowl of boiling water in it.
Just send the dough to the toast box that is nine minutes full, I have sent it a bit...

The Making of Whole Egg Big Toast recipe

5. Preheat the oven to 175 degrees, then put the middle and lower layer to bake for 40 minutes. It should be noted here that the explosive power of whole egg toast is very strong, and the middle layer will directly hit the upper heating tube.
This is toasted toast. You can see that the surface is a little mushy.. Toasted toasts just need to be watched a few more times.
The toast is reversed and released as soon as possible after it is out of the oven. Measure the height of the highest point. It's about 18cm. It's really a Big Mac.
The whole toast is one size bigger, heavy in my hand.

The Making of Whole Egg Big Toast recipe

6. Break off a big piece and take a look at the organization inside.
Because there are more eggs, the color is more yellow than ordinary toast.
The tissue is also more resilient, and it tastes more biting.

The Making of Whole Egg Big Toast recipe


Two long words:
1. This bread and egg mixture will color quickly, so the surface needs to be covered with tin foil.
2. This recipe has a lot of egg liquid, and it will stick to your hands at the beginning of kneading, so it is best to use a bread machine or a cook machine instead of manual work.
3. The fat content of the egg yolk is quite high, so adding more will easily affect the fermentation speed, which will be slower than ordinary toast. When you do it, try to choose a morning with plenty of time.
4. This toast is full of egg flavour and has a tougher taste. For people who don’t like the smell of eggs, I may not be able to accept it. I like to eat it myself. You can adjust it according to your taste.


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