Thousands of Cabbage Stew

Thousands of Cabbage Stew

by Tianshan Cocoa

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Traditional Chinese medicine believes that winter is the season of collection, and it is most suitable for tonics. Health preservation and health care are particularly important, and Shibu has a role that medicines cannot replace. In this season of health preservation, make a nutritious dish to provide the body with sufficient calories, care for the health of the family, and reserve enough nutrients for the next spring. Cabbage is the most suitable healthy home cooking dish in winter. It is cheap and delicious, but it takes time to make the taste that the family likes to eat. Vinegar cabbage, cabbage stewed noodles, cabbage stew, etc., presumably in winter Every family has eaten it. If you get tired of it, you have to change the taste and the side dishes. Unexpected results will be achieved.

I make a lot of this chaotic stew in winter. Shiitake mushrooms and black fungus are all green foods sent by relatives without spraying medicine, so I can eat with confidence, stew and stir fry and eat it very often. It’s cold here. In winter, make a pot of steaming stew for the family, which can warm the body, but also has a strong and soft flavor. It is really delicious and warm.


Thousands of Cabbage Stew

1. Ingredients: Thousands of cabbage, mushrooms, black fungus, lean meat, garlic seedlings, ginger, pepper, sesame oil, beer, starch, soy sauce, vegetable oil, chicken essence, ginger

Thousands of Cabbage Stew recipe

2. Soak the black fungus in warm water and rinse, and soak the mushrooms in boiling water, and then shred.

Thousands of Cabbage Stew recipe

3. Shred the lean meat and marinate it with beer sesame oil starch salt for a while

Thousands of Cabbage Stew recipe

4. Wash the garlic sprouts and cut into sections, wash the pepper and cut into oblique sections, and shred the ginger

Thousands of Cabbage Stew recipe

5. Wash and slice the cabbage, wash thousands of pieces and cut into rhombuses,

Thousands of Cabbage Stew recipe

6. Stir fry for a while with ginger cabbage and cold oil in a hot pot

Thousands of Cabbage Stew recipe

7. Black fungus

Thousands of Cabbage Stew recipe

8. Thousand sheets of salt, stir evenly

Thousands of Cabbage Stew recipe

9. Add water and cook until the cabbage is soft, taste out the pot, and put it in an electric hot pot

Thousands of Cabbage Stew recipe

10. Heat the pan with cold oil and add the meat slices, stir-fry the meat slices to change color and pick up

Thousands of Cabbage Stew recipe

11. Leave the bottom oil in the pot and stir-fry the shredded shiitake mushrooms with Hangzhou pepper

Thousands of Cabbage Stew recipe

12. Add salted pork and garlic sprouts and stir fry evenly

Thousands of Cabbage Stew recipe

13. Add soy sauce chicken bouillon, stir fry evenly, pour it on top of the cabbage, cook in an electric pan and eat

Thousands of Cabbage Stew recipe


Marinate the meat slices with beer, the meat slices are fresh and not old. Vegetables can be added to your own taste, stewed and eaten hot and fragrant.


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