Tianma Tube Bone Soup

Tianma Tube Bone Soup

by Xiaoyu Kitchen

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I started to prepare the ingredients last night. After looking for a bunch of medicinal materials, all of them were moldy. Afraid of eating bad people, I threw them all away. I went to the pharmacy and bought some back. Add a lot of ingredients at home to make a pot of soup. Although it is summer. But this nourishment will not get angry.


Tianma Tube Bone Soup

1. The barrel bone is ready. Wash with hot water. Soak in cold water for 3 hours, and change the water twice in the middle to soak out the blood of the tube bone

Tianma Tube Bone Soup recipe

2. After washing the morel mushrooms, soak them in warm water for 30 minutes. Cut the gastrodia elata into slices and soak in water for 2 hours. Wash red dates and wolfberry and set aside

Tianma Tube Bone Soup recipe

3. Boil water in a pot to remove the fishy water from the bones. Then boil the water in the pot again until the ginger slices are added to the cooking wine. Then add the washed bones to boil

Tianma Tube Bone Soup recipe

4. Pour all into the purple casserole and add the soaked gastrodia. Pour the water for soaking gastrodia and the water for soaking morel mushrooms together

Tianma Tube Bone Soup recipe

5. Power on, cook on high fire for 1.5 hours

Tianma Tube Bone Soup recipe

6. After 1.5 hours add red dates and morels and cook for 30 minutes

Tianma Tube Bone Soup recipe

7. Add goji berries and cook for 5 minutes before starting the pot, add a little salt.

Tianma Tube Bone Soup recipe


Wolfberry is easy to rot. Be sure to put it last. The water used for soaking morels and gastrodia must not be poured out. Ask for warm water to soak morels, not cold or boiled water.


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