Braised Pork Bone

Braised Pork Bone

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When the child is growing up and changing teeth, chewing on bones is very good for the child. In addition, a new member has recently been added to the family, a very cute puppy, and the food should be improved from time to time! It’s still a balanced meal with meat and side dishes.


Braised Pork Bone

1. Wash the big bones in a pot under cold water and boil the bleeding foam

Braised Pork Bone recipe

2. Rinse the blood foam again with cold water.

Braised Pork Bone recipe

3. Put oil in a cold pan, fry rock sugar over low heat

Braised Pork Bone recipe

4. Stir-fry until the rock sugar is completely melted and caramel-colored. Pour into the pork bones and stir fry for color.

Braised Pork Bone recipe

5. After the big bones are completely colored, add appropriate amount of salt, add green onion, star anise, cinnamon, ginger slices and sauté the fragrant seasoning.

Braised Pork Bone recipe

6. Then add warm water without any ingredients.

Braised Pork Bone recipe

7. Put the potato cubes and carrot cubes as side dishes together, and transfer to a pressure cooker to press. If there is no pressure cooker, simmer slowly until the soup thickens.

Braised Pork Bone recipe

8. The meat is rotten and not firewood, it is very tasty, and the rice is definitely served quickly.

Braised Pork Bone recipe


When frying the sugar, it must be done in a cold pan with oil and low heat; there is no need to add soy sauce after the frying sugar is colored.


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