Toast Pizza

Toast Pizza

by Xiao Qian

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Every child has a special liking for pizza, especially our little girl is really tired of eating. In order to avoid the trouble of traffic jams, I made a super fast toast pizza with my baby at home, which satisfied the baby’s The taste buds have enriched our lives, which is really good


Toast Pizza

1. Diced fruit ready

Toast Pizza recipe

2. First brush the toast with tomato sauce

Toast Pizza recipe

3. Sprinkle a layer of cheese on the second layer

Toast Pizza recipe

4. Spread diced fruit on the third layer

Toast Pizza recipe

5. Spread a layer of cheese, put it in an air fryer or oven, 170 degrees, five minutes

Toast Pizza recipe

6. Baked out

Toast Pizza recipe


Those who like meat can put diced ham, diced meat, bacon, etc.


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