Toast Pizza

Toast Pizza

by Shaer Feifei❉

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This morning I used the "shuai pot" electric cake stall I bought on Double Eleven and made bacon toast pizza. It is simple and quick. The toast slices are directly replaced by the pizza crust, which reduces the trouble of kneading the noodles. It is faster and more convenient. Haha, Sharing practices! "


Toast Pizza

1. ready.

Toast Pizza recipe

2. Fried vegetables, onions, and bacon.

Toast Pizza recipe

3. Spread tomato sauce on the toast slices.

Toast Pizza recipe

4. Sprinkle some mozzarella cheese.

Toast Pizza recipe

5. Put the bacon on it.

Toast Pizza recipe

6. Put colorful vegetables and onions.

Toast Pizza recipe

7. Sprinkle with mozzarella cheese.

Toast Pizza recipe

8. Fry on the pan until the surface is golden brown, about 12 minutes, in fact, just a few minutes.

Toast Pizza recipe

9. Fragrant incense drops.

Toast Pizza recipe

10. Not worse than authentic pizza at all! .

Toast Pizza recipe


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