Tofu Steamed Egg

Tofu Steamed Egg

by Wooden kitchen

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Tofu steamed egg, the first time I tried it, it was very successful.


Tofu Steamed Egg

1. Prepare ingredients

Tofu Steamed Egg recipe

2. Beat eggs into a bowl

Tofu Steamed Egg recipe

3. Beat the eggs, add cold water, the amount is about 2 times the amount of eggs

Tofu Steamed Egg recipe

4. Add gorgon powder, beat the egg liquid until the bubbles on the surface increase

Tofu Steamed Egg recipe

5. Tofu is pressed into a puree with a spoon

Tofu Steamed Egg recipe

6. Quickly mix the egg liquid and the tofu puree, and stir evenly

Tofu Steamed Egg recipe

7. Add table salt

Tofu Steamed Egg recipe

8. Wrap the mouth of the bowl tightly with plastic wrap

Tofu Steamed Egg recipe

9. Steam in the boiling water for 10 minutes, then

Tofu Steamed Egg recipe


1. If the tofu is used with lactone tofu, the effect will be even better;
2. After steaming for 10 minutes, quickly remove the plastic wrap to prevent the steam on the plastic wrap from dripping into the bowl.


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