Tomato Eel Soup

Tomato Eel Soup

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Tomato Eel Soup

1. Next time I will introduce how to make the eel slip in my hometown

Tomato Eel Soup recipe

2. Pour in an appropriate amount of oil over medium-to-low heat, add ginger slices and sauté

Tomato Eel Soup recipe

3. Then put the shallots and saute until fragrant

Tomato Eel Soup recipe

4. Put the tomatoes and fry them for a nice smell

Tomato Eel Soup recipe

5. Finally, put the eel and stir fry a few times with heated water, almost no ingredients.

Tomato Eel Soup recipe

6. Then put salt, vinegar, cover the pot and cook for 3 minutes, add sugar, MSG, cooking wine, taste the taste before out of the pot, add it if it is not sour

Tomato Eel Soup recipe


It's very simple, and it's a small soup suitable for summer appetizers


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