Tomato Glutinous Rice Balls

Tomato Glutinous Rice Balls

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On Lantern Festival, eat dumplings. Glutinous rice balls are made of glutinous rice, which is not easy to digest. For sweets, adding tomatoes to high-calorie glutinous rice balls can help digestion. It is sour and sweet and more delicious. In addition, tomatoes are rich in vitamins and can prevent children from flu during the spring flu season.


Tomato Glutinous Rice Balls

1. Take out the quick-frozen glutinous rice balls purchased from the refrigerator, as well as tomatoes and sugar ready;

Tomato Glutinous Rice Balls recipe

2. Wash tomatoes and cut into pieces;

Tomato Glutinous Rice Balls recipe

3. Boil water and add the tomato chunks;

Tomato Glutinous Rice Balls recipe

4. Bring to a boil again and add the quick-frozen glutinous rice balls;

Tomato Glutinous Rice Balls recipe

5. Cook on medium heat until the glutinous rice balls float, add white sugar, and mix well;

Tomato Glutinous Rice Balls recipe

6. The glutinous rice balls are cooked and can be removed after turning off the heat;

Tomato Glutinous Rice Balls recipe

7. Sweet and sour, delicious out of the pot

Tomato Glutinous Rice Balls recipe


1. Quick-frozen glutinous rice balls, don’t need to defrost, just put them in the pot; 2. The tomatoes must be boiled first so that the glutinous rice balls will not stick;


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