Tomato Risotto

Tomato Risotto

by Chen Xi Ma Ma Kitchen

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Tomato risotto is a delicacy that many people like to eat. So how to make tomato risotto delicious? On this issue, the editor will share my experience with you, hoping to help you, if you like the editor’s article, remember to like and collect it, thank you!


Tomato Risotto

1. First prepare all the ingredients, as shown in the picture below.

Tomato Risotto recipe

2. Then cut the tomatoes and potatoes into pieces.

Tomato Risotto recipe

3. Then put an appropriate amount of cooking oil in the pot, wait for the oil to smoke, pour tomatoes and potatoes and fry them until cooked.

Tomato Risotto recipe

4. Then add an appropriate amount of water and simmer until soft.

Tomato Risotto recipe

5. Then add the rice to collect the juice.

Tomato Risotto recipe

6. A delicious tomato risotto is ready, I hope everyone will like it. Have you learned it? Give it a try as soon as possible. If you have any good suggestions or different views on the editor’s approach, please leave a message to the editor, thank you!

Tomato Risotto recipe


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