Toon Salad

Toon Salad

by Weilan Weibo

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Toon has a special aroma, which is endlessly evocative. Just add a little salt and it is extremely delicious. It is a pity to match with other ingredients. I like this simple and domineering way of eating. After blanching, chop it and mix with salt. , That is the original flavor, the rich aroma is really exciting, the noodles are also a perfect match, don't need to be too complicated, just eat it so simple and domineering, and live up to the good taste of spring!


Toon Salad

1. Fresh toon with old roots removed

Toon Salad recipe

2. Soak in cold water for more than 10 minutes, and then rinse it off repeatedly

Toon Salad recipe

3. Add appropriate amount of water to the pot, boil the water, add the washed toon and blanch for more than 1 minute. This step is very important. The purpose is to remove the nitrate and nitrite in the toon.

Toon Salad recipe

4. Quickly pass cold water to keep the toon green

Toon Salad recipe

5. Take out the control or grab the water, chop it into a container according to your favorite length

Toon Salad recipe

6. Add the right amount of salt according to your own taste. I like that. Nothing else. You can add seasonings according to your own preferences.

Toon Salad recipe

7. Just mix well, so as to maintain its original flavor, and the flavor at this time is particularly rich

Toon Salad recipe

8. When it was put into a bowl, the family did not eat enough to eat this big bowl. Fortunately, I didn't cook the noodles, because the big ballast porridge was cooked before the toon arrived.

Toon Salad recipe


1. What needs to be reminded is that Chinese toon contains nitrate and nitrite, which are higher than normal vegetables. Therefore, whether it is cold dressing or hot stir-frying, you may wish to blanch it in boiling water for about 1 minute before processing to remove more than 2/3 of nitrite and nitrate. And the aroma of toon mainly comes from essential oils, which are insoluble in water, so blanching will not affect the flavor of the dishes.

2. The more tender the toon is, the lower the nitrate content, so you should pay attention to choosing the tender texture and buying it right away, or blanching it and freezing or pickling it.


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