Traditional Cold Noodles

Traditional Cold Noodles

by Mizige

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In the morning, the stomach and intestines have not "woke up" and need to eat light and refreshing food to wake up the spirit of the day. Are you tired of eating milk and bread? Make a bowl of vegetarian cold noodles, it's absolutely refreshing, you will love it.


Traditional Cold Noodles

1. Preparation materials: shred ham, cucumber, carrot, and lettuce.

Traditional Cold Noodles recipe

2. Add a proper amount of water to the soup pot to boil, put the oil noodles into the boiled heat

Traditional Cold Noodles recipe

3. Then pick up the noodles, brew in cold boiling water, and then drain. Take a plate, put on the drained oil noodles and pour a little sesame oil on it, mix well, and while stirring, pull the noodles up and let cool

Traditional Cold Noodles recipe

4. Boil the auxiliary ingredients and pay attention to the order of cooking. The hard carrots are put in the cooking pot first, then the cucumbers and shredded lettuce are put in the hot sauce, and the heat is turned off and set aside.

Traditional Cold Noodles recipe

5. Spread the blanched vegetables and shredded ham on the oil surface, top with sesame sauce, sprinkle with salt and chicken powder, and mix well.

Traditional Cold Noodles recipe


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