Carrot (red) recipes

Seasonal Vegetable Beef Burrito

Flour, Boiling Water, Lettuce

Onion Pumpkin Braised Rice

Rice, Pumpkin, Onion

Coconut Chicken Drumstick Rice

Rice, Chicken Leg, Soy Sprouts

Curry Seasonal Vegetables

Potato, Onion, Broccoli

Beef and Vegetable Rice Ball

Rice, Red Rice, Millet

Sausage Braised Rice

Rice, Sausage, Potato

Ribs Braised Rice

Ribs, Rice, Carrot (red)

Assorted Sausage Braised Rice

Rice, Carrot (red), Onion

Crystal Shrimp Dumpling

Fresh Shrimp, Carrot (red), Crystal Shrimp Dumpling Noodles

Stewed Rice with Potato Sauce

Germ Rice, Carrot (red), Potato

He Feng Qing Body Soup

Cabbage, Onion, Carrot (red)

Cantonese Seafood Winter Melon Cup

Winter Melon, Clam, White Shrimp

Chicken Soup with Carrot Dumplings

Carrot (red), Pork Filling, Chicken Soup