Tuna Cheese Bread

Tuna Cheese Bread

by KL Le Yoyo

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The sunny weather has been warming up these days, which is really a good time to make bread; in addition, I haven't made bread for a while, making a savory tuna cheese bread.

Making bread after the weather is warmer can shorten the fermentation time and use the indoor temperature for fermentation. The whole process of making bread saves much time compared to the time of making bread in cold winter. I believe everyone knows the ingredients used in making bread in hot weather. To avoid the premature fermentation of the dough due to the heating of the dough during the mixing process, it is recommended to use cold water, cold eggs or cold milk for kneading. On the contrary, in winter, it is recommended to use warm water, room temperature eggs or warm milk for kneading, which will help the dough to ferment easily.

As for the filling of the bread, you can change other flavors by yourself. Adding diced onion can increase the umami taste of the tuna; if you like spicy food, you can choose spicy tuna to make it.

Tuna Cheese Bread

1. Ingredients: Milk, eggs, pumpkin seed oil, instant oatmeal, high-gluten flour, low-gluten flour, fine sugar, salt, and yeast. Put the bread bucket into the bread machine and start the kneading mode for 15 minutes; the first time After kneading the dough, perform the second kneading mode again for 20 minutes. After the second kneading, the fermentation will begin, and the dough will be fermented to 2.5 times its size.

Tuna Cheese Bread recipe

2. Take the fermented dough out of the air, knead it and let it stand for 15 minutes, remember to cover it with plastic wrap.

Tuna Cheese Bread recipe

3. After 15 minutes, divide the dough into 6 small doughs, knead them until the surface is smooth, cover with plastic wrap and let stand for 10 minutes.

Tuna Cheese Bread recipe

4. Dice yellow onion, put a little pumpkin seed oil in a cold pan, pour in diced onion and black pepper, stir fry for 1-2 minutes, then take it out.

Tuna Cheese Bread recipe

5. Drain the olive oil from the canned tuna, add the salad dressing and toss with the onion.

Tuna Cheese Bread recipe

6. Stir well and add mozzarella cheese.

Tuna Cheese Bread recipe

7. Mix well and set aside for later use.

Tuna Cheese Bread recipe

8. Roll out a dough to a thickness of 1 cm after 10 minutes.

Tuna Cheese Bread recipe

9. Put an appropriate amount of tuna filling in the middle of the dough. If the water or olive oil in the tuna is not drained, it will be difficult to pinch it when closing, so try to drain the excess olive oil.

Tuna Cheese Bread recipe

10. Pick up the dough and squeeze it down.

Tuna Cheese Bread recipe

11. Do it all well.

Tuna Cheese Bread recipe

12. Pour into the bakeware for the second fermentation. Due to the high indoor temperature, the fermentation time is about 35-40 minutes.

Tuna Cheese Bread recipe

13. The fermented bread is taken out of the oven, and the oven is preheated by 180 degrees.

Tuna Cheese Bread recipe

14. Use scissors to cut a cross on the surface of the bread. If you want to look good, cut the surface of the dough to see the tuna filling.

Tuna Cheese Bread recipe

15. Spray a thin layer of pumpkin seed oil on the surface of the bread.

Tuna Cheese Bread recipe

16. Finally, sprinkle a little seaweed powder, put it in a preheated oven at 180 degrees, and bake it for 20 minutes; immediately after baking, put it on the grill and let it cool.

Tuna Cheese Bread recipe

17. Finished product.

Tuna Cheese Bread recipe


1. The temperature of the oven should be adjusted according to each oven.
2. Pumpkin seed oil can be replaced with corn oil, olive oil, etc.
3. Due to the relatively hot climate, if you can't finish the meal that day, it is recommended to put it in the refrigerator for storage.


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