Vegetable Beef

Vegetable Beef

by Jesse_Lin Zhipeng

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Let's have a Western-style dish today: red wine beef. The birthday of the boy and girlfriend, candlelight dinner or something, couldn't be better.


Vegetable Beef

1. Soak the beef in clean water, wash and remove, and cut into 5 cm pieces

Vegetable Beef recipe

2. Peel the onion and carrot and cut into pieces, wash and pat the celery, cut into sections, and cut the mushroom into 4 pieces;

Vegetable Beef recipe

3. Put the processed main ingredients and seasonings into the pot.

Vegetable Beef recipe

4. Add water

Vegetable Beef recipe

5. Put the lid on the pot and start the function of [fermented bean curd hoof];
After the cooking is over, stir the ingredients evenly.

Vegetable Beef recipe


1. If the beef is better, blanching is not required;
2. The amount of red wine can be increased according to personal taste, but should not exceed 50 ml;
3. Red wine is included in the amount of water.
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