Vegetable Egg Steamed Pork

Vegetable Egg Steamed Pork

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Some babies don't like to eat vegetables, and some babies are anemic. They are all worrying conditions. What should I do?

Babies who don't like to eat vegetables usually mix meat, eggs and vegetables together, which has good nutrition and taste. For some babies with anemia, always pay attention to reducing the amount of red meat in cooking, congee, and rice, so that the food tastes better, and the anemia condition can be improved gradually.

Today is a simple steamed egg, using a mold, the final product is cute~ the child will like it very much.


Vegetable Egg Steamed Pork

1. Ingredients: 3 black fungus, 1 egg, 30 grams of pork loin, 30 grams of carrots, 15 grams of amaranth. Cooking method: steamed or roasted. Reference age: 11M+
Operating time: 10 minutes

Vegetable Egg Steamed Pork recipe

2. Black fungus bubble hair. Carrots, black fungus, and amaranth are all chopped.

Vegetable Egg Steamed Pork recipe

3. Stir all the ingredients together, and you can add a little salt over 1 year old.

Vegetable Egg Steamed Pork recipe

4. Apply a layer of oil to the mold.

Vegetable Egg Steamed Pork recipe

5. Put the vegetables, meat and eggs in, steam for 10 minutes and take it out of the pot.

Vegetable Egg Steamed Pork recipe

6. When the time comes, you can turn off the fire and cook.

Vegetable Egg Steamed Pork recipe

7. Such a silicone mold can also be put into the oven at 175 degrees, bake for 10 minutes, and then release.

Vegetable Egg Steamed Pork recipe


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