Fungus Soup

Fungus Soup

by Soft blue crystal

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In a heavily polluted city, it is better to eat black fungus frequently, because the plant alkaloids contained in it can promote the secretion of various glands in the digestive tract and urinary tract. Plant alkaloids can cooperate with these secretions to catalyze stones and lubricate the intestinal tract. .


Fungus Soup

1. Soak the fungus with water until the volume becomes larger.

Fungus Soup recipe

2. Tear the fungus into small pieces by hand. After the water in the soup pot is boiled, pour the fungus into it.

Fungus Soup recipe

3. After boiling for a while, add the stock.

Fungus Soup recipe

4. Add goji berries.

Fungus Soup recipe

5. Add salt.

Fungus Soup recipe

6. Add a small amount of vegetable essence.

Fungus Soup recipe

7. Add a little pepper.

Fungus Soup recipe

8. Add coriander.

Fungus Soup recipe


The effect of vegetable essence is equal to chicken essence or MSG.


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