Veggie Fenpi

Veggie Fenpi

by Yoha Kitchen

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Fenpi is similar to Liangpi after soaking, and after mixing well, you can eat it with coldpi, and the effect is also good.


Veggie Fenpi

1. Soak the powder in clean water to soften

Veggie Fenpi recipe

2. After soaking, the noodles can be rolled up and cut into strips

Veggie Fenpi recipe

3. Boil the noodles into strips and blanch them in water. When they are almost transparent, remove them.

Veggie Fenpi recipe

4. Black fungus blanched

Veggie Fenpi recipe

5. Shred cucumber

Veggie Fenpi recipe

6. Stir all the seasonings together into a sauce

Veggie Fenpi recipe

7. Mix the vermicelli, cucumber, black fungus and the sauce

Veggie Fenpi recipe


Simple appetizer


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