Wakame and Egg Soup

Wakame and Egg Soup

by Wandering stars

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Wakame is very nutritious, and the easiest way is to cook it with eggs. Wakame, known as smart dishes, beauty dishes, healthy dishes, and green sea cucumbers, is a natural treasure house of trace elements and minerals. It contains more than a dozen essential amino acids, calcium, iodine, zinc, selenium, folic acid and vitamin A. B, C and other minerals. The calcium content of wakame is 10 times that of "King of Calcium Supplement" milk, and the zinc content is 3 times that of "Zinc Supplementation Expert" beef.
The iron content of 500 grams of wakame is equal to 21 catties of spinach, the vitamin C content is equal to 1.5 catties of carrots, and the protein content is equal to 1.5 sea cucumbers. It also contains more iodine than kelp, and it is rich in amino acids, crude fiber and other trace elements, which is extremely beneficial to children's bone and intellectual development. Wakame also has the characteristics of high nutrition and low calories, which is easy to achieve the effects of losing weight, clearing the intestines, protecting the skin, and delaying aging!


Wakame and Egg Soup

1. Ingredients: wakame, eggs

Wakame and Egg Soup recipe

2. Wash the wakame with blisters

Wakame and Egg Soup recipe

3. Wakame is changed to a knife and cut into small pieces

Wakame and Egg Soup recipe

4. Beat the eggs into the bowl

Wakame and Egg Soup recipe

5. Add appropriate amount of salt and cooking wine, and beat the eggs

Wakame and Egg Soup recipe

6. Put water in a pot and boil, add oil

Wakame and Egg Soup recipe

7. Put in the wakame

Wakame and Egg Soup recipe

8. Boil again and pour in the egg liquid

Wakame and Egg Soup recipe

9. Turn to low heat and boil the egg liquid until solidified

Wakame and Egg Soup recipe

10. Season with salt

Wakame and Egg Soup recipe

11. Just drizzle some sesame oil at the end

Wakame and Egg Soup recipe


The wakame has been salted, and the salt must be rinsed.


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