Japanese Miso Soup

Japanese Miso Soup

by Zhen Shi Ji

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Japanese-style miso soup is a soup made from miso paste, wakame, and bonito flakes as the main ingredients. Miso paste is a fermented food, plus wakame (seaweed) in the soup. Wakame is very nutritious. Rich, drinking this soup is good for your health.


Japanese Miso Soup

1. Rub the dried wakame in a small amount and soak it well with water. About ten grams of bonito flakes and 1 small box of tofu.

Japanese Miso Soup recipe

2. I use this white miso sauce (sold in supermarkets or TB)

Japanese Miso Soup recipe

3. Add more than 1,000 milliliters of water, add the bonito flakes, add two slices of ginger and cook for a few minutes to taste, then remove the bonito flakes.

Japanese Miso Soup recipe

4. Then add 30-40 grams of sauce to boil over high heat

Japanese Miso Soup recipe

5. Then put the wakame and the cut tofu and cook for more than five minutes, taste the saltiness to see if you add some salt, and finally add some MSG and chives. (You can also add some crab-flavored mushrooms)

Japanese Miso Soup recipe


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