Walnut Buns

Walnut Buns

by White~Mist (from Tencent.)

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People who like to bake have always liked to try different recipes. I liked the walnut buns made by Mr. Junzi at a glance, but I modified it a little bit. This bread can be said to be green bread, and the sugar and butter in it are reduced. Yes, walnuts are added. Every bite has a strong walnut fragrance. Paired with a glass of milk, it is a very good breakfast.


Walnut Buns

1. Put the walnuts in the middle layer of the preheated 170℃ oven, roast for 8-10 minutes, roast until golden brown, the roasted walnuts, after cooling, evenly divide into two parts, one part is chopped into small pieces, the other part is cut Powdered

Walnut Buns recipe

2. Put all the dough ingredients together except butter, knead to the expansion stage, add chopped walnuts to the dough when there are 4 minutes left in the first program of the bread machine, and continue to knead the dough

Walnut Buns recipe

3. After the first program is over, add butter and walnut pieces and continue to knead the dough until the dough is completely kneaded.

Walnut Buns recipe

4. Put the kneaded dough in the bread machine for basic fermentation

Walnut Buns recipe

5. The dough will rise to twice its original size

Walnut Buns recipe

6. After the fermented dough, press out the gas with the palm of your hand, divide the dough into 6 parts, knead round, cover with plastic wrap and proof for 15 minutes in the middle

Walnut Buns recipe

7. Take a small dough and place it on the countertop, flatten it with the palm of your hand, and roll it out with a rolling pin into an oval shape

Walnut Buns recipe

8. Roll the rolled oval dough with the edges and roll the two sides from top to bottom. Tuck in the middle and roll it all the way to the bottom. Pinch the opening tightly to form a big olive in the middle and two small ends.

Walnut Buns recipe

9. Place the shaped olive-shaped dough on the baking tray for the final fermentation

Walnut Buns recipe

10. Ferment to double the original size. After fermenting to double the size, use a knife to make three cuts on the surface of the dough diagonally, put it into the preheated oven at 200℃, and bake for about 12 minutes until the surface is golden brown. Ready to be baked

Walnut Buns recipe


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