Watermelon Biscuits

Watermelon Biscuits

by bada small beauty

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Although it is the beginning of autumn today, it seems to be "late autumn" again, and it will take a while before the really refreshing weather. There is a kind of refreshing called visual refreshing, small refreshing or crystal clear desserts. They may not be cool to eat, but they feel particularly cool when they look at it. In recent years, due to physical reasons, I seldom eat iced things. Popsicles and ice cream have basically bid me farewell to me. So this summer I just make jelly, cold cakes, mung bean snacks, etc. I just look at it. It is especially cool and fresh, and the taste is basically sweet and sour. It will not be too sweet and greasy. If you taste it occasionally, it will be a different kind of refreshing. If there is a girl who can’t eat ice like me, you might as well try it. Try the sweet and sour watermelon biscuits.

Watermelon Biscuits

1. The butter is softened at room temperature, add the powdered sugar and mix it with a whisk evenly

2. Add egg whites in portions and beat evenly to make about 200 grams of butter paste

3. Divide the butter paste into 100 grams, 60 grams, and 40 grams, and sift into the strawberry dough powder, matcha dough powder, and plain dough powder to form a dough.

Watermelon Biscuits recipe

4. Strawberry dough is rolled into a cylindrical shape with a diameter of about 4.5 cm, wrapped in plastic wrap and quickly frozen and shaped

5. Roll the plain dough into thin slices, roll out to a size that can wrap the strawberry dough, and brush with a layer of egg white liquid on the surface

6. Wrap the strawberry dough and freeze for later use

Watermelon Biscuits recipe

7. The matcha dough is also rolled into thin slices, and the surface is brushed with egg white to wrap the strawberry and plain dough, wrapped in plastic wrap and refrigerated overnight

8. Cut each slice 0.6cm thick, press appropriate amount of dried blueberries

9. Then cut into the desired size, put it in a baking pan covered with tarp, preheat the oven at 180 degrees and bake for about 10 minutes

Watermelon Biscuits recipe
Watermelon Biscuits recipe
Watermelon Biscuits recipe
Watermelon Biscuits recipe


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