Watermelon Sago

Watermelon Sago

by Yuchi Pink

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Watermelon is a seasonal fruit in summer, it can clear away heat and relieve heat, relieve irritability and quench thirst. Nowadays, watermelon is very cheap and delicious. Eating more watermelon has a lot of benefits. . . . . . There are many ways to eat watermelon, and occasionally you can change the way of eating. It's perfect to pair watermelon with round sago. Watermelon sago is a very popular cold dessert in summer. After making it, put it in the refrigerator and eat it for a while, it will be smoother, and the sago will be more resilient. The method is also super simple, and the color is particularly charming when finished.


Watermelon Sago

1. Put water in the pot, add sago after boiling. After the sago is boiled on a high heat, turn to a low heat, and keep stirring to prevent sticking at the bottom. Cook until the sago is transparent, but there is still a little white core. Turn off the heat and simmer for more than 10 minutes

Watermelon Sago recipe

2. Take sago out of cold water

Watermelon Sago recipe

3. Watermelon diced

Watermelon Sago recipe

4. Put it in the juice machine and squeeze it into juice

Watermelon Sago recipe

5. Just pour the watermelon juice into the sago, use a ball digger to dig a part of the watermelon and place it inside for decoration.

Watermelon Sago recipe


1. If the watermelon has seeds, be sure to remove the seeds before squeezing the juice. I use seedless ones. If you like sweet, you can put honey or sugar in it;
2. If there is no juice machine, ordinary juicer or cooking machine can also be used.


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