Watermelon Toast

Watermelon Toast

by honey clear

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Half of the meaning of summer is watermelon...
Even all foods or things that have watermelon elements will like it very much, and it will feel like summer at a glance.
In midsummer, the sun is scorching the earth hotly. Everyone seems to be in a steamer. The appetite is not good enough, but no matter how hot it is, you have to be full. Add the cool summer elements to the toast. Breakfast. A slice of toast, a glass of milk, and a piece of fruit are very pleasant~
(Ps: We are not summer at all here, I have not yet felt the coming of summer, so I need to add some summer elements to let me feel the summer, hahaha, does this sentence make the pot friends of the deep stove weather very It's hatred~)

Watermelon Toast

1. High-gluten flour, pour it into the bowl of the chef's machine, dig a small hole in the middle, pour in the instant active dry yeast, place the salt and sugar on the diagonal, pour in the milk

Watermelon Toast recipe

2. The cook machine is turned on at the 2nd gear. Knead until it feels a little sticky to the touch, but it won’t stick to the dough to the hands.

Watermelon Toast recipe

3. Put in the softened butter in portions and continue to knead

Watermelon Toast recipe

4. When you knead to do the small window test, you can pull out a very thin film. If the broken edge of the film is smooth, the kneaded dough is divided into 1:1:3 three-part dough, and one small part is added with matcha powder to continue kneading. ; The larger one, add red yeast rice powder and continue to knead

Watermelon Toast recipe

5. Separate the three doughs with oil paper, put the three doughs in a basin, cover with a clean wet towel, and leave at room temperature or in the oven for 1 hour

Watermelon Toast recipe

6. Dip a little flour with your finger, poke it, don’t shrink, that is, it will be fermented

Watermelon Toast recipe

7. Take out the dough and roll out each portion carefully to exhaust the gas. Soak the raisins in clean water in advance, drain the water, and spread the raisins on the red dough.

Watermelon Toast recipe

8. Roll the red dough, the original color dough on top of the matcha dough, and finally put the rolled red dough

Watermelon Toast recipe

9. Tighten the green and natural color dough from the middle of the red dough and pinch it tightly

Watermelon Toast recipe

10. Put it in a toast box for the second fermentation

Watermelon Toast recipe

11. Ferment until the toast box is eighty-eight full, preheat the oven 170 degrees in advance, and bake for 30 minutes.

Watermelon Toast recipe

12. Take out the baked toast directly and put it on the cooling rack, let it cool completely before slicing

Watermelon Toast recipe


1. The amount of milk should be increased or decreased according to the degree of water absorption of different flours. Do not add it all at once, you can add 80% first, and then slowly add it according to the degree of dryness and wetness of the dough;
2. Red beans can be used instead of raisins, preferably red beans, because if the raisins are soaked in water and the water is not drained, it will affect the fermentation of the red dough;
3. I use the Black King Kong Toast Box of Learn Kitchen, heat conduction and coloring will be faster than that of Sanneng, so the time and temperature will be slightly lower when using, and the temperature should be controlled according to your own oven, and finally take out the toast box When I hit the bottom of the toast box, I feel that the empty toast is the cooked toast.


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