Western-style Home Chicken Soup Base

Western-style Home Chicken Soup Base

by enjoi

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In our house, making a batch of chicken soup stock every few weeks is incredibly simple. Once you taste the difference (trust me, you will taste the difference), you will never want to buy something like Chicken Tang Bao again. It's so great. From soup to risotto, we use it to cook almost everything, you will be surprised that it can turn ordinary dishes into delicious.


Western-style Home Chicken Soup Base

1. Prepare all the ingredients. It's best to cut them into coarse pieces, because you will need to fish them out and drain them later. Making a home soup base is a good opportunity to deal with and use the vegetables that are about to be abandoned in your refrigerator. You can safely put the vegetables you have in the soup. Don't worry that your celery is a little bit bad, and don't worry that your thyme is a bit whitish. You can use them for soup.

Western-style Home Chicken Soup Base recipe

2. Heat Australian extra virgin olive oil in a large pot over medium heat. The oil needs to be hot enough without smoking.

Western-style Home Chicken Soup Base recipe

3. Unlike many other soups where all the ingredients are boiled together in water, we recommend sautéing the vegetables in oil first because it will have more flavor and nutrition. Fry the onion, carrot, celery and garlic together, and then drain. When the onion becomes slightly transparent and the other vegetables start to change color, it is finished.

Western-style Home Chicken Soup Base recipe

4. It's time to add the secret sauce: Madeira. Before adding other seasonings, use wine to quickly stir all the vegetables in the plate into place, and remove the scorched vegetables at the bottom of the pan.

Western-style Home Chicken Soup Base recipe

5. Boil chicken skeleton. We buy roast chicken every few weeks, and after we remove all the chicken, we put the skeleton into a bag and freeze it. When making the soup base, take them out, put them in the pot, and cook them with the vegetables.
add water. Add more water, about 1 gallon (3.7 liters).

Western-style Home Chicken Soup Base recipe

6. Turn the heat to the mid-to-high range, and then start to simmer slowly. Reduce the heat gradually and continue to simmer slowly for at least 2 hours, preferably 3 hours, stirring occasionally. You don't need to be watching for 3 hours, but don't run too far to prevent overcooking. According to the cooking situation, adjust the firepower at any time.
After 3 hours, stop heating and cool the soup base for 20-30 minutes.

Western-style Home Chicken Soup Base recipe

7. Strain the soup with a strainer to remove the residue.

Western-style Home Chicken Soup Base recipe

8. Let the soup cool for a longer time, or even put it in the refrigerator overnight. When it cools, the grease will separate and float to the surface, and use the spoon to remove them all. Of course, the skin and fat-containing parts are not left on the chicken skeleton, so there will not be too much oil to clean up.
When the soup base is completely processed, divide them into suitable containers.

Western-style Home Chicken Soup Base recipe


1. The advantage of using olive oil to stir-fry vegetables is that it can retain the original taste of vegetables to the greatest extent. Of course, we recommend Australian extra virgin olive oil and fresh-scented olive oil.
2. Strain the soup base with a strainer to remove any residue. Put the soup base in the refrigerator to cool thoroughly until the fat starts to separate. Remove grease from the surface as much as possible. Pack them in suitable containers and store them in the refrigerator. They can be stored for at least 3 months.


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