Whipped Cream Toast

Whipped Cream Toast


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Whipped cream toast is a good choice for milk control. It is also a large box of whipped cream. Once opened, it is a good way to consume. Don’t look at this little whipped cream. With this ingredient, the overall toast feels different. Firstly, the softness of the dough is completely changed. Secondly, the creamy taste of this toast is very strong, especially on the second day, the taste is more fragrant. This toast does not need to add butter at all. The whipped cream itself has a certain amount of oil, which is enough to make a large piece of well-qualified good film on the dough, small long molds, after baking, tear it apart one by one to eat This kind of organization is very interesting to eat. The bread made by yourself is really different from the outside. The first feeling when you eat it in the mouth, maybe you will feel that it is not as strong as the added aroma outside, but eat slowly. Going down, you will find that the natural taste of the healthy ingredients will make you feel more craving the more you eat. This feeling will make you more aware of what we can do by ourselves! ~~(by@涛涛妈咪的西点屋)


Whipped Cream Toast

1. Mix and knead the medium dough materials evenly, cover with a damp towel, and ferment at room temperature to about 2.5 times the size

Whipped Cream Toast recipe

2. There are many small holes in the made dough

Whipped Cream Toast recipe

3. Tear small pieces of the fermented medium dough and put the main dough materials into the bucket of the cook machine

Whipped Cream Toast recipe

4. Knead the dough in a chef machine for about 15 minutes to completely pull out a large piece of film

Whipped Cream Toast recipe

5. The kneaded dough is equally divided into 10 portions of about 95 grams of dough. After rounding, cover with plastic wrap and set aside to relax for 15 minutes

Whipped Cream Toast recipe

6. After the relaxation is complete, take out light pressure to exhaust, roll it into a tongue shape, and then roll it into a cylindrical shape from top to bottom, and shape it into the mold

Whipped Cream Toast recipe

7. Put a bowl of warm water in the oven to keep the humidity, put the mold on the grilling net, and let it spread for about 1 hour and 20 minutes until the toast mold is 8 minutes full

Whipped Cream Toast recipe

8. In the COUSS 4502 oven, preheat the upper and lower heat at 160 degrees, use a grilling net, and bake the middle layer for 35 minutes. (If you feel the coloring is too fast in the middle, you can add tin foil)

Whipped Cream Toast recipe

9. When it is out of the oven, it will be demoulded immediately, and when it is still a little bit warm, put it in a fresh-keeping bag, and it can be sliced after it is completely cooled.

Whipped Cream Toast recipe


1. The medium type is not very soft and smooth when kneaded, in fact it does not matter, as long as it is kneaded into a ball, it can be sent out;
2. There is no butter formula, so tendons are not so easy to develop. The kneading time is longer, but because the whipped cream itself has oil content, the film that comes out is quite powerful.
3. The sweetness of this bread is relatively high, but I personally think that this kind of sweetness has increased the milky flavor, with less sugar, and the milky flavor also weakened.


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