Small Vegetables recipes

Griddle Seasonal Vegetables

Lotus, Small Vegetables, Thousand Tofu Skins

Steamed Seasonal Vegetables

Carrot, Broccoli, Small Vegetables

Soup Small Green Vegetables

Small Vegetables, Chicken Soup, Fungus

Stir-fried Vegetables with Mushrooms

Small Vegetables, Shiitake Mushrooms, Fuel Consumption

Duck Soup Noodles

Lao Duck Soup, Noodles, Small Vegetables

New Year Dishes [ham and Bamboo Fungus Stewed Chicken]

Golden Ham, Native Chicken, Shiitake Mushrooms

Tomato Lump Soup

Flour, Cherry Tomatoes, Small Vegetables

Taro Meat

Pork Belly, Taro, Star Anise

Claypot Rice

Potato, Sausage, Rice

Wonton Noodles

Ravioli, Egg Noodles, Chicken Soup

Claypot Rice with Bacon and Mushroom

Luliang Optimum Polished Rice, Water, Shiitake Mushrooms

Fried Rice with Sausage and Vegetables

Rice, Small Vegetables, Sausage

Homemade Tofu

Tofu, Carrot, Small Vegetables

Braised Noodles with Poached Egg

Egg, Fresh Noodles, Small Vegetables

Braised Prawn Noodles

Flour, Kewei Shrimp, Chili