Xiamen's "ginger Duck"

Xiamen's "ginger Duck"

by Ball doll

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I went to Xiamen two years ago and ate "Ginger Duck". The taste made me linger. I tried it at home today, but I didn't expect to imitate it like this. "


Xiamen's "ginger Duck"

1. Prepare the ingredients and prepare more ginger.

Xiamen's "ginger Duck" recipe

2. After the duck is drained, drain the water and set aside, pour sesame oil into the pot, add the ginger, cinnamon, green onion, and star anise in sequence and sauté.

Xiamen's "ginger Duck" recipe

3. Then add rock sugar, and pour the blanched duck into the saccharification.

Xiamen's "ginger Duck" recipe

4. On the other side of the stove, boil hot water in a casserole, pour the fried duck meat into the casserole and simmer for an hour!

Xiamen's "ginger Duck" recipe

5. After simmering for 50 minutes, boil over high heat for the last 10 minutes, and you can enjoy it! It has a strong ginger taste, and the meat is soft and delicious.

Xiamen's "ginger Duck" recipe


This dish uses sesame oil to make it fragrant.


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