Hunan Hot Pot

Hunan Hot Pot

by Meimeijia's Kitchen

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My kids love hot pot. They talk about it every day during the summer vacation. No, the temperature in autumn drops a little and I can’t wait to start yelling again. Just on the weekend, a friend came to visit me, so I bought a variety of ingredients early in the morning for a meal. Lively hot pot.

My friend is from another city. Every time I come to Hunan, I have to go back with a long face, saying that I really can't stand Hunan peppers. This time I invited my friend to eat hot pot at home just to eat healthily.
Hunan people eat hot pot. Many people cannot do without the spicy hot pot base, but my family never eats it. There are too many seasonings in this hot pot base. My family’s base is made by myself, simple and nutritious. You can drink the hot pot and soup without worry.

My hot pot soup is very simple. You can make chicken, duck, fish, and spare ribs. Autumn is here and the weather is dry. It is most suitable for eating duck. Duck is cold in nature and cannot be eaten much. Hot pot is the most suitable. First, blanch the duck pieces and put them in a casserole. Add a little cooking wine and simmer for two hours. The duck meat is cooked and rotten. Pour the soup into the hot pot.

Hunan Hot Pot

1. Soup pot: a pot of duck soup, green onion, sliced ginger, wolfberry, soybean sprouts, shrimp, and salt, all in the Wanmu electric hot pot, if the duck soup is a little bit less, you can add some boiling water to it, the duck stewed out of the old duck The soup is very fragrant, and the fragrance fills the room as soon as it is served, and it is already drooling before it is eaten.

Hunan Hot Pot recipe

2. Hunan people eat hot pot, the bottom soup is generally more flavorful, so generally do not need dipping sauce, I made a clear soup today, so I specially cooked a dipping sauce, the dipping sauce is very simple, the minced garlic sautes and turns off the heat. , Sprinkle in chili powder and stir fry for a fragrant flavor, add light soy sauce, boil in an appropriate amount of water, then sprinkle in chopped green onion and salt, and mix well. My kids say this tastes super delicious.

Hunan Hot Pot recipe

3. The ingredients for hot pot are relatively random. They are all based on the family’s preference. Put whatever you like, but no matter what hot pot you make, a serving of fungus is indispensable. When you eat hot pot, you should first cook soy products, fungi and algae, and cook more. A few minutes, it can play a role in improving freshness, and then eat the green vegetables, put the bottom, reduce the meat intake, and finally make the meat healthier.

For soy products, I chose oily tofu. The soft and rotten oily tofu absorbs the fragrant duck soup, which is especially delicious.

Hunan Hot Pot recipe

4. Vegetables can be placed after the fungus. This sequence can reduce the intake of fat to a certain extent. When eating hot pot, put vegetables first. At this time, there is less oil in the pot, and the vegetables suck in less oil. Beans do not absorb oil. , You can also eat first. If you eat meat first and then vegetables, the situation is the opposite. Vegetables will absorb the oil left by the meat in the pot and will eventually enter the body. In addition, people have a strong appetite at the beginning and eat faster. It is difficult to control the intake of fat and protein. Relatively speaking, eating vegetables first eats less fat than meat first.

Hunan Hot Pot recipe

5. When eating hot pot, we usually don’t cook rice anymore, so a hot pot rice cake is indispensable. The fresh rice cake is the favorite of children. Usually, we always ask them to eat more rice. No one is forced to eat hot pot, and the children are the happiest.

Hunan Hot Pot recipe

6. Hot pot meatballs are a must for eating hot pot, specially for children to choose their favorite types. The meatballs are not easy to cook, so put them in the pot and cook them first.

Hunan Hot Pot recipe

7. The stewed duck meat is taken out, and the meat is simmered in the hot pot. The dipping sauce is especially fragrant.

Hunan Hot Pot recipe

8. Because it is made of clear soup, I specially fry a meal to adjust the taste. Stir-fried pig intestines with celery and rice is really appetizing.

The difference between Hunan people's hot pot and other places is that they must have a few plates of stir-fried dishes. The more hospitable people, the more stir-fried dishes.

Hunan Hot Pot recipe

9. After all the ingredients are ready, you can put them in the pot, and start eating after being cooked over high heat!

Hunan Hot Pot recipe

10. The temperature of the hot pot is very important. It is easy to burn when the ingredients are taken from the pot directly into the mouth, especially for children and the elderly. It is estimated that most people have experienced such things. In fact, in addition to burns, the temperature is too high for a long time. The food is not good for health. When eating hot pot, if you let the food in the pot cool down first. Wanmu electric hot pot is very good at this point. It is very user-friendly. After the food in the pot is cooked, it can automatically rise with one button. All the ingredients are automatically filtered and raised, which not only allows you to pick up the dishes. It is more convenient, and it also plays a role in airing. The cooked food will not be too hot or too cold. It is especially practical for the elderly and children at home.

Hunan Hot Pot recipe


One of the biggest advantages of eating hot pot like this is that it’s very convenient when picking up vegetables. You can pick up whatever you want to eat. It won’t turn a pot of soup into water for washing chopsticks. It’s very healthy, and you don’t have to worry about hygiene when there are many people .

After Bailu, the weather is getting colder day by day, and the hot pot hastened to make an appointment—


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