Nourishing Duck Congee

Nourishing Duck Congee

by The happy days of Chen Xiaochu

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During the time in the township, whenever I was tired from work, had a poor appetite, or felt unwell, I would go to a small shop selling duck porridge to drink a bowl of porridge. The thick gelatinous porridge has a simple aroma and melts in the mouth; the duck meat is smooth and tough, making you chew endlessly aftertaste. A bowl of delicious duck porridge will make you feel better physically and mentally. It's hard to eat duck porridge on the street now, so I decided to make a bowl for myself and let my daughter-in-law try it.


Nourishing Duck Congee

1. Kill the local duck, wash it, and take half

Nourishing Duck Congee recipe

2. Pour the local duck, pepper, green onion knot, white wine, and sliced ginger in a hot pot over high heat

Nourishing Duck Congee recipe

3. After boiled for 3 minutes, remove, remove the meat and remove the bones in cold water

Nourishing Duck Congee recipe

4. Soak the rice for use

Nourishing Duck Congee recipe

5. Duck bones, duck wings, add appropriate amount of water, then add shelled dried longan, cored red dates, 1 piece of old brown sugar

Nourishing Duck Congee recipe

6. Cover and cook SAIC on high heat, then change to low heat and press for 15 minutes. Cut the boneless duck meat into shreds at this stall, add a small amount of soy sauce, salt, and sugar to marinate

Nourishing Duck Congee recipe

7. After the steam has gone down, open the lid and add the soaked rice to a low heat and simmer

Nourishing Duck Congee recipe

8. After the porridge is cooked and mature, first remove the duck bones, then add the duck shreds into the pot, and season with salt when the porridge is cooked until the porridge is cooked.

Nourishing Duck Congee recipe


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