Xo Sauce Cheese Dry Noodle

Xo Sauce Cheese Dry Noodle

by Soft blue crystal

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Although there are many kinds of noodles, they are not soup noodles or fried noodles. If you are tired of these methods, I want to have something different. Dry noodles are actually a kind of mixed noodles, but I think it’s easier to make than other methods. If you have more seasonings, you can try this noodle recipe. The fresh aroma of XO sauce is slightly spicy, and it is integrated with the taste of cheese. The noodles are still crisp after being cooked for a long time. There is no need to overwater, the mouth is soft and fragrant, even the husband who does not like the taste of seafood says it is delicious! Even though I am still coughing, I can't put XO sauce, nor can I block the good taste of the noodles. I just add some light soy sauce and mix it up. The taste is also very good. It is so delicious without any side dishes!

Xo Sauce Cheese Dry Noodle

1. After the water in the pot is boiled, add the hollow noodles and cook for 6 minutes.

Xo Sauce Cheese Dry Noodle recipe

2. After removing it, put it in cold boiled water and run it again. It turns out that this step is unnecessary, the soaked water is very clear, and the noodles are also very refreshing, so it can be omitted.

Xo Sauce Cheese Dry Noodle recipe

3. Remove the noodles, add XO sauce, light soy sauce, and oyster sauce. Mix thoroughly with chopsticks.

Xo Sauce Cheese Dry Noodle recipe

4. Clamp the noodles into the plate, put the sliced cheese on the surface, and heat it in the microwave for 50 seconds until the cheese slice on the surface is half melted.

Xo Sauce Cheese Dry Noodle recipe

5. Finally, sprinkle cheese powder on the surface of the noodles.
To fall in love with me, all you need is a bite, I am Long Sword Brand Abalone and Scallop XO Sauce!

Xo Sauce Cheese Dry Noodle recipe


1. Because the seasoning has its own salty taste, if you feel the taste is weak, you can add additional salt according to your own taste.
2. XO sauce is slightly spicy, so this noodle has a little spicy flavor, which is very flavorful.
3. Some dried noodles tend to stick to the soup after they are cooked, so it must be overwatered.


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