Yellow Catfish Tofu Soup

Yellow Catfish Tofu Soup

by Sweet talk

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Yellow catfish is also known as yellow bone fish, yellow duck called yellow bone fish, yellow thorn bone, yellow thorn male, hairy loach, etc.; its bones are few and the meat is tender and smooth, especially suitable for children to eat.


Yellow Catfish Tofu Soup

1. After the yellow cattail is slaughtered, clean and drain the excess water

Yellow Catfish Tofu Soup recipe

2. Soak the tofu in salted water for 10 minutes, then pick up and cut into pieces

Yellow Catfish Tofu Soup recipe

3. Put oil in the pan, add the yellow catfish after the oil is hot, and fry until both sides are browned

Yellow Catfish Tofu Soup recipe

4. Add appropriate amount of boiling water, tofu, and medlar and bring to a boil

Yellow Catfish Tofu Soup recipe

5. Cook on high heat until the soup is milky white, about 20 minutes

Yellow Catfish Tofu Soup recipe

6. Add it to eat

Yellow Catfish Tofu Soup recipe


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