Yin Mi Tripe Soup

Yin Mi Tripe Soup

by Jiangcheng Chao Dad

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The yam rice made by the folk method is a good product for health preservation, and it is suitable for all ages and children when simmered in the soup;
Pork belly is the stomach of pigs, and "internal organs" are raised by "internal organs".
As a delicacy for nourishing food, it can be used to treat stomach cold, pain in the abdomen, gastrointestinal discomfort due to coldness, and duodenal ulcer.
Today, I will mainly talk about making soup. I won’t talk about the method of yin rice in detail. Those who are interested can search for it...


Yin Mi Tripe Soup

1. Wash a small bowl of yin rice, and then soak in cold water for ten minutes.

Yin Mi Tripe Soup recipe

2. Slice your own marinated pork belly

Yin Mi Tripe Soup recipe

3. Let's stir fry the belly slices

Yin Mi Tripe Soup recipe

4. Put the fried belly slices into the soup pot and start to simmer in cold water. Add ginger slices and peppercorns to remove fishy

Yin Mi Tripe Soup recipe

5. Boil on high heat, cover, and boil pork belly on low heat for an hour

Yin Mi Tripe Soup recipe

6. After an hour, the belly slices have softened a lot

Yin Mi Tripe Soup recipe

7. Soak the cloudy rice into the soup pot and boil

Yin Mi Tripe Soup recipe

8. Add some salt to taste at the end, sprinkle some chopped green onion and drink it

Yin Mi Tripe Soup recipe


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