Yogurt Cake

Yogurt Cake

by Xuan baby1314

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Relatives who love cheesecake and are afraid of fat can try it. The taste is lighter and denser than Chiffon cake. The yogurt in it is fermented by myself, so I put more sugar in it. I use soil eggs, which are relatively small. "


Yogurt Cake

1. Separate the egg white and yolk. Note that the basin should be oil-free and water-free

Yogurt Cake recipe

2. Add homemade yogurt and oil to the egg yolks and mix well

Yogurt Cake recipe

3. Add the stuffed low flour and cornstarch to the egg yolk paste and mix well

Yogurt Cake recipe

4. Stir it well.

Yogurt Cake recipe

5. Add a little vinegar to the egg white, beat with a whisk at low speed, add sugar in three times, and beat until moist foaming.

Yogurt Cake recipe

6. Stir the two well. Cross-cut or stir up and down, like cooking, don’t draw circles

Yogurt Cake recipe

7. Into the abrasive tool, shake out bubbles under a slight earthquake

Yogurt Cake recipe

8. Put it into the oven, use a water bath, put the baking tray underneath, fill it with water, and put it on top. Middle and lower level of the oven, 170 degrees, 60 minutes

Yogurt Cake recipe

9. Bake in the oven, continue to simmer in it for half an hour, then take it out and let it cool, and put it in the refrigerator after it has cooled, and the taste will be better.

Yogurt Cake recipe


I put my own fermented yogurt, so I put more sugar. Use oil that has no taste. The temperature of the oven depends on the brand of the oven and adjust it yourself.


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