Yogurt Cookies

Yogurt Cookies

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When it comes to snacks that babies start to eat after a baby's complementary food, most mothers think of Rongdou. Before, Yuyu has also taught you how to make soy beans with various flavors. After 1 year old, the baby has teeth very quickly, and the melted small melting beans can no longer meet his needs for chewing and grinding teeth. At this time, Yuyu thought of a small cake that can be made for the baby. It can help the baby to grind his teeth and exercise his chewing ability. It also contains high protein and rich vitamins. It is delicious and calcium supplement! The answer is baby yogurt biscuits that can be made with a simple operation.


Yogurt Cookies

1. Prepare the materials first.

Yogurt Cookies recipe

2. Add walnut oil, egg yolk, yogurt and baby milk powder in sequence and stir evenly with a spatula.

Yogurt Cookies recipe

3. Sift the low-gluten flour directly into the bowl and press it with a spatula to initially mix.

Yogurt Cookies recipe

4. To make the dough malleable, we need to knead the dough into a ball with our hands and knead it a little. You can sprinkle some low-gluten flour if you are sticky. The final kneaded dough is non-sticky.

Yogurt Cookies recipe

5. Put the dough on the kneading mat and roll it out with a rolling pin. Note that the force should be even when rolling, the thickness of the dough should be the same, and the later baking should be mature.

Yogurt Cookies recipe

6. After pressing the dough, use a small mold to press out the shape of a biscuit. There is no mold to cut into random shapes, or use a small lid to press round shapes. Preheat the oven 140 degrees in advance.

Yogurt Cookies recipe

7. The pressed biscuits should be spaced apart.

Yogurt Cookies recipe

8. After pressing all the pieces, put them in the oven and bake them. Bake at 140 degrees for about 30 minutes.

Yogurt Cookies recipe

9. The baked biscuits have a non-sticky bottom and a dry surface. After taking it out, put it directly on the drying net and let it dry. The yogurt biscuits are sealed and stored at room temperature after cooling. Eat it as soon as possible.

Yogurt Cookies recipe


For yogurt, choose sugar-free yogurt, which is bright and truthful. No walnut oil can be replaced by other baby cooking oils. When the dough is dipped in your hands, just sprinkle some flour and knead it. You can press the biscuits directly on the baking grease paper or tarp, and it is more convenient to put a large grease paper on the baking tray at the end. This biscuit is suitable for babies who are not allergic to yogurt after 1 year old! When eating for the first time, be sure to observe the baby's eating situation on the side!


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