Yogurt Fruit Salad

Yogurt Fruit Salad

by My foodie wife

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Fruit salad is loved by everyone whether in the restaurant or at home. But I don’t know if you have noticed a small detail, that is, there are a few words in the small text on the back of the salad dressing that soybean oil is genetically modified soybean oil. What the hell. I used to make fruit salads for my family, but I didn’t know it. I finally saw it on a CCTV program. I would like to thank CCTV! From then on I said goodbye to the salad dressing! Do not! Farewell! Since then, we have been thinking about what to use instead of salad dressing. It is delicious and healthy. After thinking hard, I decided to use prebiotic yogurt instead of salad dressing. In the end, it succeeded. I personally feel that it tastes better than the salad dressing. I will share with you today to try it. Very healthy!


Yogurt Fruit Salad

1. Prepare the necessary ingredients, milk, yogurt, folic acid inulin, kiwi fruit, strawberry, and banana.

Yogurt Fruit Salad recipe

2. First of all, let's make prebiotic yogurt, and pour the yogurt into the yogurt machine. Now the yogurt contains probiotics. But I want to make the probiotics in the yogurt stronger, and later I use folic acid inulin to help me achieve this goal!

Yogurt Fruit Salad recipe

3. Then pour the milk into the yogurt maker.

Yogurt Fruit Salad recipe

4. Then add folic acid inulin, folic acid is a very important nutrient element for the human body, and most women know its importance. Folic acid inulin is a prebiotic and a food for probiotics, which can quickly multiply the number of beneficial bacteria dozens of times. As a result, a large number of beneficial bacteria will kill harmful bacteria, which is the green therapy for intestinal health often referred to abroad. Therefore, doctors in Europe will recommend it to people with constipation. It is safe and effective. Many models are also used to detoxify and lose weight to achieve weight loss. In addition, folic acid inulin has the effect of stabilizing blood sugar. Many doctors abroad recommend it to diabetic patients, and the effect is also very good. The most important thing is extracted from natural plants, very healthy, even children can use it!

Yogurt Fruit Salad recipe

5. Then it needs to be quickly stirred evenly!

Yogurt Fruit Salad recipe

6. The process of making prebiotic yogurt takes one night, 8 hours is almost the same! (After making the yogurt, it is a bit sour and not sweet. Those who like sweetness can add sugar at this time.) Then, cool the yogurt at natural temperature and put it in the refrigerator to taste better.

Yogurt Fruit Salad recipe

7. Process the strawberries and remove the pedicles after washing. Then cut it in half!

Yogurt Fruit Salad recipe

8. Peel the kiwi and cut into thick slices, and then cut it with a cross knife.

Yogurt Fruit Salad recipe

9. Banana slices, the banana peels I used to make it more convenient, but it’s actually inconvenient! It’s best to peel the banana first and then slice it!

Yogurt Fruit Salad recipe

10. Then put the processed strawberries, bananas, and kiwis into the prebiotic yogurt. Stir well and serve. The taste is definitely not lost to the salad dressing, and I feel even better than the salad dressing, and most importantly, it is definitely healthier than the salad dressing!

Yogurt Fruit Salad recipe


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