Yogurt Gnocchi

Yogurt Gnocchi

by Li Xiaobin

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The glutinous rice balls are soft and waxy, too sweet? Add some yogurt and it’s ok. Put less glutinous rice balls and more yogurt. You can also supplement calcium and beautify your stomach while filling your stomach. It’s not too cost-effective.


Yogurt Gnocchi

1. Boil water in a pot and put in dumplings

Yogurt Gnocchi recipe

2. Pour the yogurt into the cup while cooking the glutinous rice balls

Yogurt Gnocchi recipe

3. After the yogurt is cooked, let it cool quickly and remove it

Yogurt Gnocchi recipe

4. Put the glutinous rice balls in yogurt and add cherry tomatoes to embellish them. I originally planned to find a cherry tomatoes and cut them into red hearts. I didn't expect one to grow into a heart-shaped shape. Happy!

Yogurt Gnocchi recipe


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