Yogurt Raisin Toast

Yogurt Raisin Toast

by Happy and happy

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I saw a picture in the circle of friends a few days ago, which really scared me! The picture is an experiment with bought bread and homemade bread. After 10 days of storage, the homemade bread is moldy and hairy, but the bread that I bought still "does not change color", and there is no sign of deterioration! No! No! (I tell the important thing three times) What does this mean? It means that there are a lot of anti-corrosion and anti-deteriorating things in the bread! Fortunately, I haven't gone out to buy bread since I started baking. Although the cost of making homemade bread is not low, I can eat with peace of mind!

To be honest, making bread is a very time-consuming task. Yeast dough is a thing that requires patience and care. It doesn’t work if you don’t send it too much or if you send it too far. The same recipe has different fermentation times in summer and winter. The same formula cannot be fully applied to flour because of its different water absorption. It is really troublesome to operate! Many people bought the oven, bought bread or even bought a cook machine, but still can't make satisfactory bread! In fact, it is better to study the state of the dough than to study the machine. Only by mastering the various states of the dough can you make a beautiful bread!
It is also because it takes time to make bread, so after being pregnant with Erbao, the number of times to make bread in the past two years has also decreased. When I want to eat, I use the bread machine to make a one-click blend, even my toast. The molds have been idle for almost two years. In order to digest the yogurt in the refrigerator and the raisins given by my friends, and to find the feeling of making bread, I made two yogurt and raisin toast bread this time. For the purpose of losing weight, they also made an oil-free version. The finished product was soft and delicious, and it was quite delicious. One was used as breakfast by us, and the other was packaged and given to visiting friends. Share the production process and recipe. If you like, you can do it together. I made this recipe by myself, because the high-gluten flour is not enough, so I mixed some medium-gluten flour. After the finished product came out, I felt that the bread made by doing this was softer and more delicious. It was also an unexpected gain. Please read down on the specific method!

Yogurt Raisin Toast

1. Put the yogurt, eggs, salt, and sugar together in a small basin, and stir evenly with a manual whisk;

Yogurt Raisin Toast recipe

2. Pour in high-gluten flour and medium-gluten flour; finally put on high-sugar-tolerant yeast powder;

Yogurt Raisin Toast recipe

3. Stir evenly with chopsticks;

Yogurt Raisin Toast recipe

4. Manually knead the dough or put it in the inner bucket of the bread machine to start the kneading program. One kneading program of my bread machine is 20 minutes. I usually use two kneading programs, which take 40 minutes; knead it into a smooth dough;

Yogurt Raisin Toast recipe

5. Fermented to double the size;

Yogurt Raisin Toast recipe

6. Poke with your finger, it will not collapse or shrink, and it will be flexible;

Yogurt Raisin Toast recipe

7. Take out the air and knead it evenly, divide it into six small doughs of equal size;

Yogurt Raisin Toast recipe

8. Cover with plastic wrap or buckle a larger pot and let it stand for 15 minutes;

Yogurt Raisin Toast recipe

9. To prepare raisins, I use black raisins, which are relatively large, but very sweet;

Yogurt Raisin Toast recipe

10. Exhaust the small dough, knead it into a strip, roll it out, spread raisins, and then roll it into small rolls;

Yogurt Raisin Toast recipe

11. Place the rolled rolls in a toast mold; make six rolls one by one, and put three in a mold;

Yogurt Raisin Toast recipe

12. Put it in the oven, add hot water to increase the humidity, and the oven will have a fermentation function for about 40 minutes. See that it is about nine minutes full, brush a layer of egg liquid; if there are bubbles in the dough, you can use a toothpick to break it;

Yogurt Raisin Toast recipe

13. Preheat the oven at 160 degrees, put the toast mold on the bottom and bake for about 35 minutes. If you find that the color is too heavy, you can add a layer of tin foil; (because the temperature of each oven will be different, the baking temperature here And time are for reference only)

Yogurt Raisin Toast recipe

14. The toasted bread should be removed from the mold in time, and then placed on the air-drying net to cool, and then bagged to soften the bread after it has cooled down. I think the bread will taste better when it is cooled and bagged overnight. The crust is soft and chewy.

Yogurt Raisin Toast recipe

15. If you break it apart, the tissue is very soft and delicate. Although a part of all-purpose flour is used instead, it does not affect the effect of the finished product at all, and it is much better than the bread bought outside.

Yogurt Raisin Toast recipe

16. If you like raisins, you don't need to put them, and it is also very good to make white toast. I personally think that the bread I made is really much better than the bread that I bought with a lot of additives. Therefore, although baking is a pit, I am happy to jump in and reluctant to come out, not to mention family and friends. Love the bread I made.

Yogurt Raisin Toast recipe


I make two toasts at a time because my oven is 30L, which can hold two molds at a time, and only one is a waste of time and electricity. Make two toasts at one time on weekends. If you can’t finish eating them, keep them in the refrigerator. When needed, take out the room temperature to soften or defrost and bake them in the oven at low temperature. This will not affect the taste. Usually there is no time to make breakfast in the morning. .


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