Yogurt Toast

Yogurt Toast

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Toast is a very common type of bread. It is mostly used for breakfast. The formula is simple. Yogurt is made from fresh milk, added with a certain proportion of sucrose, and after high temperature sterilization and cooling, and then added to pure lactic acid bacteria. This kind of dairy product has a sweet and sour taste and is rich in nutrients and easy to absorb. Compared with the usual toast, the yogurt toast has a more delicate and rich taste. Those who like to eat bread should not miss it.

Yogurt Toast

1. Get all the materials used.

Yogurt Toast recipe

2. Put all the ingredients except butter in the bread bucket, the bottom liquid, middle flour, upper sugar and salt and yeast. Yeast needs to dig a small hole in the flour to cover it. Do not directly contact the yeast. Run a kneading program. After adding butter, continue to knead the dough for about 25 minutes until it is complete.

Yogurt Toast recipe

3. The kneaded noodles undergo basic fermentation. When the fermentation reaches 2 times the size, take out the air, divide it into three parts and knead it into rounds. Cover with plastic wrap and relax for 20 minutes.

Yogurt Toast recipe

4. The loose dough is rolled out from the middle like two sides, and rolled up from one side.

Yogurt Toast recipe

5. Cover the rolled dough with plastic wrap and relax for 15 minutes.

Yogurt Toast recipe

6. Take a loose dough with the joint facing up, roll it out from the middle to the sides, and then roll it up from one side. Do not roll too tightly at this step, about 2.5 turns is appropriate.

Yogurt Toast recipe

7. The shaped dough is put into the mold for secondary fermentation. The environment of the second hair requires a temperature of 36-38 degrees, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 38 degrees. The humidity is 75%. After fermenting to 8 minutes full, cover with a toast cover (Yamagata toast does not need to be covered) and put it in a preheated 180 degree oven for about 40 minutes. After baking, it will be out of the oven immediately, and it will be demoulded immediately after shaking it. It will be sealed and stored after cooling to palm temperature. It is recommended to eat it within 3 days.

Yogurt Toast recipe

8. Finished picture. It's delicious to make sandwiches or spread jam~

Yogurt Toast recipe

9. Finished picture.

Yogurt Toast recipe


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