Matcha Cheese Soft European Bread

Matcha Cheese Soft European Bread

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Many people say that their bread is not well done, and the surface will be hard after baking. For Ou Bao, it is best not to use the direct method to make it. The bread you make has low moisture content, and the skin will be very hard!
The soft European bread I will share with you today is a "combination of Chinese and Western", which is more in line with Chinese tastes. It is neither as sweet as sweet bread nor as tasteless as French loaves.
There are two secrets to making delicious bread:
One is to choose the right flour, and the flour must be specially made for bread to make it taste like that! The ratio of professional bread flour and ordinary high-gluten flour is different. If you find a high-gluten flour, it is easy to fail to achieve the desired effect. I have always used Zhongyu bread flour here. This is where I occasionally go below the line The package shop, I asked the master there, and it was very easy to use.
Second, you must use leaven. After 12-24 hours of low-temperature fermentation, bread with a moisture content of more than 70% is more delicious. With a large moisture content, it will definitely be more difficult to learn. Kneading dough is also a headache. It doesn’t matter. Here I will teach you a method.
Oubao doesn't need too much plastic surgery to show its charm, you just need to adjust its moisture content, fermentation degree and baking temperature well! No matter how ugly it is, sprinkle flour on the surface and cut a few knives, it will be perfect! In fact, making bread is not very complicated. You can make delicious bread with these four materials: flour, yeast, salt, and water!

Matcha Cheese Soft European Bread

1. Now make the starter, put 100 grams of dry powder in a stainless steel basin, weigh out 100 grams of water, add 1 gram of yeast powder and stir evenly, add it to the flour in portions, stir well with chopsticks, cover with plastic wrap, and ferment at room temperature. The bubbles are slightly sour and transferred to the refrigerator overnight. (Usually I make the leaven at night and use it the next morning)

Matcha Cheese Soft European Bread recipe

2. Except the butter, put all the ingredients of the main dough, including the starter made the night before, into the bread machine and knead for 15 minutes, then add the softened butter and continue to knead until the hand mask is kneaded. (It does not matter if the film does not come out, at least to the expansion stage). In fact, this time I knead it with my hands. I started to make a dough with a bread machine. Then I took it out and kneaded the film with my hands. I personally felt that the kneading was better and the film came out quickly. Let me tell you a hand-kneading method: put all the ingredients in a basin, add milk in portions, mix evenly with chopsticks or a silicone spatula, turn the basin with one hand, and knead with your fist.

Matcha Cheese Soft European Bread recipe

3. After kneading out the hand mask, cover it with plastic wrap for the first fermentation to be 2.5 times larger.

Matcha Cheese Soft European Bread recipe

4. This time to make the stuffing, the cheese can be cut into small pieces, and it can be beaten smoothly with a manual whisk. All other ingredients are put together and mixed well.

Matcha Cheese Soft European Bread recipe

5. Honey beans are sweet in nature, so there is no need to add sugar.

Matcha Cheese Soft European Bread recipe

6. Divide the fermented dough into 8 evenly, and divide it into 6 if you want to make it bigger.

Matcha Cheese Soft European Bread recipe

7. Take a piece of dough and roll it into a round cake, gently vent it, and don’t need to arrange it too cleanly. Pack the stuffing, take the two sides together and squeeze it tightly, just like a sugar bag.

Matcha Cheese Soft European Bread recipe

8. Squeeze it tightly as shown, there are actually many ways to wrap the triangle, you can go to Du Niang to see it. Remember to squeeze it tightly, otherwise your bag will explode!

Matcha Cheese Soft European Bread recipe

9. All are done and placed on a baking pan covered with tarp, covered with plastic wrap and fermented at room temperature to double the size. It can also be put in the oven to use the fermentation function.

Matcha Cheese Soft European Bread recipe

10. After the second fermentation, sprinkle a layer of dry powder. The mesh sieve must be higher and shake lightly. If it is too low, the flour will become a lump, just sprinkle a thin layer of flour. Then use a blade to cut out the lines. Use a sharper knife without a blade. When cutting, do not go back and forth like a big saw. Such lines will not look good.

Matcha Cheese Soft European Bread recipe

11. Preheat the oven at 170°C for 10 minutes. Bake the lower layer at 170°C for 30 minutes. Do not bake the cheese stuffing for too long, and it will return to the oil. The temperature of the oven is adjusted according to the personal oven. The temperature of each oven is different.

Matcha Cheese Soft European Bread recipe

12. The baked bread should not be eaten right away. It should be eaten after it is cooled thoroughly. If it is not finished, it should be sealed. It will be more delicious the next day!

Matcha Cheese Soft European Bread recipe


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