Minced Garlic recipes

Braised Eggplant

Eggplant, Salt, Flour

White Sliced Chicken

Three Yellow Chicken, Sesame Oil, Minced Garlic

Seasonal Vegetables Mixed with Cold Skin

Liangpi, Cucumber Shreds, Sesame Oil

Pig Blood Soup

Pig Blood, Chopped Green Onions, Ginger

Mushroom Soup with Bamboo Shoots

Bamboo Shoots, Mushroom, Broth


Tomato, Egg, Leftover Rice

Spanish Sea and Land Rice

Rice, Broth, Chicken

Curry Cheese Risotto

Rice, Potato, Eggplant

Kuaishou Seafood Risotto

Rice, Clams, Mussels

Seasonal Vegetable Beef Stir-fry

Beef, Bean Sprouts, Carrot

Squid and Carrot Soup

Squid, Radish, Tofu

Stir-fry with Snow Peas and Seasonal Vegetables

Snow Peas, Red Bell Pepper, Fungus

Hakka Salty Glutinous Rice Balls

Glutinous Rice Balls, Chives, Chrysanthemum

Stir-fried String Beans

Green Beans, Pork Filling, Broken Rice Sprouts

Sausage Braised Rice

Rice, Sausage, Onion

Stir-fried String Beans

Green Beans, Minced Meat, Minced Garlic