Yuxiang Eggplant

Yuxiang Eggplant

by Scorpion in Autumn (from Tencent.)

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When eating out, I often order the fish-flavored eggplant dish, which is a favorite meal. Eggplant is a common home-cooked dish in spring and summer. The smooth purple skin is always full of appetite, and the red and bright finished product is even more mouth-watering.


Yuxiang Eggplant

1. Wash the eggplant. Cut diagonally with a knife, cut to one-third, and cut into thin slices one by one. Turn the eggplant upside down and cut into slices on the back.

Yuxiang Eggplant recipe

2. Heat the pan, pour the oil, put the eggplants in, and fry the eggplants softly over a low fire.

Yuxiang Eggplant recipe

3. Remove the oil control for later use.

Yuxiang Eggplant recipe

4. Mix 1 tablespoon and a half Pixian hot sauce with 1 tablespoon of yellow sauce, a small amount of sugar and vinegar.

Yuxiang Eggplant recipe

5. Dilute with an appropriate amount of water.

Yuxiang Eggplant recipe

6. Mince ginger and garlic.

Yuxiang Eggplant recipe

7. With the remaining oil in the wok, stir the minced ginger to fragrant, pour the minced meat, pour in the cooking wine and stir until the color changes.

Yuxiang Eggplant recipe

8. Put in the fried eggplant.

Yuxiang Eggplant recipe

9. Pour the sauce into the pot. The fire boiled.

Yuxiang Eggplant recipe

10. Collect the juice on low heat, add minced garlic and serve.

Yuxiang Eggplant recipe


1. The eggplant of the cutting knife can be marinated in advance with salt, it will not oxidize too fast, and it can also avoid a lot of oil absorption.
2. The saltiness of the sauce is enough, you don't need to add salt.


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