Chicken Soup

Chicken Soup

by Tail's Kitchen

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As the saying goes, "Southern rice and northern noodles", this is in terms of staple food. If you just talk about eating habits, in fact, southerners like to eat pasta, but southerners use pasta as a staple food less often than snacks. In 2013, the "Top Ten Famous Noodles in China" first selected by the Ministry of Commerce and the China Hotel Association was released. The North and the South shook hands at 5:5. It can be seen that both the North and the South have studied noodles.
In addition to noodles, won stew is also a favorite noodle dish in the north and south. Wonton is called wonton in most places in the north, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, while Guangdong is called wonton, Hubei is called wrapped noodles, Jiangxi is called clear soup, Sichuan is called Chaoshou, Xinjiang is called Ququ, and other places are called flat food and so on. The famous wonton is "Wontonhou in the north and Luyangtun in the south". I have eaten both. I have also eaten the famous "Long Chaoshou" in Chengdu. The biggest similarity is that the meat is tender and juicy. To do this, the biggest secret is to add soup to the meat.


Chicken Soup

1. Add ginger powder, pepper, refined salt and eggs to the meat filling, and mix well; add 50 grams of cold chicken broth in three times, stir well, and let the meat fully absorb the water. (You can add 60 grams of soup without adding eggs)

Chicken Soup recipe

2. Take a piece of wonton wrapper and place it flat on the palm of your hand, put an appropriate amount of meat filling in the center of the wonton wrapper, fold the wonton wrapper in half along the diagonal, smear one of the corners with a little bit of gravy, and use your middle finger tip to press the meat filling area back. Two corners superimposed and kneaded

Chicken Soup recipe

3. Wonton wrappers and wrapped wontons

Chicken Soup recipe

4. Boil water, add wontons and cook

Chicken Soup recipe

5. Put an appropriate amount of chicken broth in the noodle bowl, add a little salt and pepper, add an appropriate amount of green onion, and transfer the cooked wonton into the noodle bowl.

Chicken Soup recipe


1. Stirring the meat filling is the key. You can add soup or water about 50% of the meat filling weight to the filling, and the stirred meat filling will be sticky and velvety.
2. The meat filling is prepared at 70% of the weight of the wonton wrapper, and the wonton wrapper is just wrapped up after adding water and homogenizing.


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