Scallop Edge recipes

Tomato Pimple Soup

Egg, Flour, Clams

Scallop Fragrant Dried Jade Jade Dumplings

Xianggan, Oyster Sauce, Wheat Core Flour

Stir-fried Scallop Side

Scallop Edge, Cucumber, Green Pepper

Steamed Dumplings with Radish Cherry Seafood Tofu

Scallop Edge, Old Tofu, Turnip Sakura

Pleurotus Eryngii and Scallop Meat in Casserole

Pleurotus Eryngii, Starch, Peanut Oil

The Taste from The Sea-baby Cabbage Mixed with Scallops

Scallop Edge, Baby Dishes, Very Light Blue

Steamed Buns with Goose Eggs, Scallops and Zucchini

Squash, Cooking Wine, Wheat Core Flour

Handmade Red Cabbage and Scallop Dumplings

Red Cabbage, Oyster Sauce, Quail Eggs

Seafood Pimple Soup

Egg, Flour, Clams